Student Intake - Revisions of Policies and Procedures

Institutional procedures regarding admission and registration were creating roadblocks for our students. The Strategic Enrollment Management Team (SEMT), Advising Council and the First Year Experience Program are helping to dismantle those roadblocks. To improve the student intake process, a new online application and orientation process has been implemented. The college also removed the application fee in the 2016-2017 academic year. In addition, Admissions is undergoing a comprehensive review using CAS standards to further improve its processes and procedures. Q-Less virtual line system was instituted to improve student wait times and increase efficiency in serving our students.   Students can log into the computer and put themselves "in line" at financial aid and/or our other services.  The system will text the student to let them know it is getting close to their appointment.  The student then has around 15 mintues to arrive at the college.

March 2016,  Divisional Advising Centers were instituted to increase student access to advisors. The Divisional Advising Centers managed divsion specific orientation sessions. The move the division, decentralized advising model has allowed professional advisors to work closer with faculty and increase knowledge of program requirements to ensure greater accuracy in advising. The advising model also includes a Pre-Advising Center that provides greater support for student prior to completing placement testing.  Test preparation and detailed test score interpretation is provided by  faculty. Time is spent communicating how placement test affects the students and various options will be explained to improve the outcome of the placement test.  

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