Professional Alignment Councils - PACS


There was no organized collaborative activity in 2017 for the Professional Alignment Councils in any of the core areas. However, the individual departments hosted their own professional development activities to which adjuncts and high school instructors were invited futher establishing a culture of collaboration that is sustainable beyond projects.


English and Math PACs continued to meet in 2015-2016, traveled to conferences and gave presentations about their collaboration. Science and Social Science PACs will resume activities in 2016-2017 with shared professional development.


Professional Alignment Councils (PACS) are committees of high school and college faculty working collaboratively to align curriculum and increase college readiness for graduating high school seniors in the 4 core areas. Four active PACS are engaged in the work around English, math, science and social science. The cornerstone of the work is shared professional development and regular scheduled meetings. Membership includes representatives from all 13 school districts.


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