College Success Course

Course required for all new-to-college students (those with less than 12 transfer credits upon entry); provides instruction and support for college study skills, college practices and procedures, and academic planning from first term to program or goal completion.

The ACA 122 course is designed as the college’s First-Year Experience course, intended to deliberately engage students in their first semester of enrollment and support them through that term as they transition into the college. To ensure the students we intend to connect with in this course are required to register for it in their initial term, we have developed the following procedures, using a registration rule in Colleague (our student information system):

1. Transcript Evaluators place a waiver on the records of entering program students who have more than twelve college credits earned, waiving them from the ACA 122 registration rule.

2. Students transferring in credit for successful completion of an ACA course are also waived from the registration rule.

3. Entering program students without this registration waiver receive a message when they register for any Developmental Education course or for ENG 111, requiring them to also register for the ACA 122 course.

Exceptions to the registration rule:

Students who place into the lower levels of EFL courses are advised to delay registration in the ACA 122 course until they reach the EFL 074 and 094 levels.

Students in programs that do not have ACA 122 as a required course on the Plan of Study are waived from the requirement; the course is optional for them.

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