Enhanced Tutoring Program

Enhanced Tutoring

2013 - West’s tutoring services are undergoing a transformation.  West’s Center for Academic Success has committed to train tutors in literacy instruction using Reading Horizons and Reading Apprenticeship. Some West tutors have taken on Supplemental Instructor roles, supporting students in and out of the classroom. 

West is also working to develop a Math Lab, an exclusive area for Academic Success dedicated to math tutoring and student study groups.  In the college’s recent prioritization process, the Center’s Supplemental Instruction program and the Math Lab were ranked near the top of the list.  As a result, we expect funds to be available to support these innovations.

2014 - As a result of our Enhanced Tutoring initiative, West tutors are being more extensively trained in practices like Reading Apprenticeship and are examining student survey results to improve their skills for serving students.

West’s tutoring services and learning skills instruction has been reorganized so that the faculty members who had been coordinating and supervising the tutoring services and planning interventions are no longer doing so.  The Learning Skills faculty used results from the student learning outcomes assessment cycle to revise Learning Skills curriculum and delivery. At this time, curricular revision includes replacing computer-assisted instruction with traditional classroom instruction to support our students with the greatest developmental writing challenges. Learning Skills faculty are working with English and Math departments to conceptualize academic support curriculum based on trends in the field; our goal is construct conceptual links so that academic scaffolding – whether in the form of enhanced or embedded tutoring, supplemental instruction, or paired LSK/ENGL and LSK/MATH courses – aligns with disciplinary curriculum in math and language arts. Our vision of academic scaffolding will provide opportunities for reinforcement and absorption of concepts, grounded in close collaboration between language arts, math, and learning skills faculty.

2015 - West’s Student Success Committee has been evaluating its interventions from the 2012 Implementation Proposal on an ongoing basis.  This year the Committee took on close examination of the Semester Kickoff and Enhanced Tutoring interventions.  The Committee formed an Instructional Support Workgroup this year to examine and discuss West’s Instructional Support offerings and ultimately offer a recommendation to the  Academic Senate to restore the Learning Skills discipline into the Library division.

2016 - West’s Academic Senate passed this motion at its Spring 2017 meeting: The Academic Senate Executive Committee recommends that the Instructional Support Workgroup of the Student Success Committee be reestablished to investigate options for improving the delivery of the college’s instructional support services. The Workgroup met this spring and the meetings included a review of the college’s Learning Skills offerings and tutoring services and their relationship with the college’s noncredit offerings among other instructional support offerings on campus. The Workgroup offered recommendations to the Senate through the Student Success Committee for the President’s review and approval in June 2017. 

Implementation Proposal 

The college will establish a Tutoring Redesign Team to Facilitate the Following: Recruit English and math faculty to collaborate with Learning Center faculty and staff on Learning Center tutor training and tutor training handbook Hire an instructional aide to coordinate the in-class tutors and math lab Train math faculty members & tutors for in-class tutoring effectiveness and addressing math anxiety Pilot in-class tutors in at least three Math 115/117 classes Create a Math Lab where math faculty spend some office hours

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