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To close the gap for students arriving underprepared for college level coursework, GTC has a new program in place called “Test for Success Advising.” The program helps students prepare for the Compass placement test and navigate developmental choices if they do not meet their program requirements based on test scores.  In 2014SU, 11 full-time faculty in English, reading, and math were embedded in advising and placement areas to give students opportunities for review both before and after taking the placement test.  Faculty developed handouts for students and pointed them to test preparation websites.  In addition, Brainfuse, the product the college uses for online tutoring, provided a special link to test prep materials for students not already enrolled in the college so that they could do practice problems both with faculty tutors and individually.  In addition to test preparation and review, faculty provided intentional, targeted advising for students placing into developmental classes.  This advising included explanations about the various modes of instruction available, opportunities for multiple options for acceleration (such as Accelerate Math and English+), and support services (such as Academic Coaching and Tutoring). T

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