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Professional Development Update

2013 - West’s Core Team faculty chair has been sharing across the campus the elements of the Academy for College Excellence and the related professional development: the Five-Day Experiential Learning Institute. Many faculty members have expressed interest, and we will offer a pilot June 10-14. Twenty-five members of West’s personnel will participate in this Institute which is designed to give faculty members, administrators, and staff members an opportunity to explore ways to target students’ non-cognitive skills and foster increased levels of student learning and success, especially for our most vulnerable students. 

The Core Team has also been supporting Reading Apprenticeship efforts on campus, including online training and an on-campus Faculty Inquiry Group. According to the Reading Apprenticeship web site, Reading Apprenticeship “draws on teachers' untapped expertise as discipline–based readers and on students' untapped strengths as learners. The result is a research–based, research–tested partnership that benefits students and teachers alike.”

2014 - West has made great strides in offering student success-related professional learning opportunities in the last year.  West hosted the ACE program’s Five-Day Experiential Learning Institute in June where twenty-six members of West’s faculty and administration practiced skills in community building, communication, leadership, and empathy.  The group got exposure to the ACE student cohort program and is exploring its feasibility for West. In the fall semester West held a Leadership Retreat where Dr. Darla Cooper from the Research & Planning Group discussed the recent Student Success (Re)defined Report and the ways faculty and staff can contribute to improving student success.  In addition, West students participated in the student panel portion of the day. West hosted its first spring professional development day (Spring Summit) on the Friday before the spring semester commenced, and 98 members of West’s personnel attended. It included a student panel where students got the opportunity to share student programs that had impacted their lives. West hosted a California Acceleration Project workshop, and West has signed up to participate in the project, accelerating English classes for the first time.  Most recently, West hired a faculty professional development coordinator to develop, coordinate, and publicize professional development programs and workshops based on faculty needs and use evaluations to improve programs. 

Reading Apprenticeship is continuing to spread across our campus.  The Faculty Inquiry Group continues to meet regularly and faculty members are being trained and are applying RA strategies in their classes. As a result of our Enhanced Tutoring initiative, West tutors are being more extensively trained in practices like Reading Apprenticeship and are examining student survey results to improve their skills for serving students.

Twenty-six of West’s faculty members and administrators completed the Five-Day Experiential Learning Institute (FELI) in June 2013. Those members of West’s community have gone forward to apply to their strategies they learned toward community building, maintaining empathy, sharing their stories, using videos in teaching, and making class sessions more interactive. The FELI graduates are recruiting colleagues to attend a 2014 FELI.

2015 -West’s Academic Senate continues its integration of professional learning into the culture of the college, which is one element included in the Educational Master and Equity Plans.  The Professional Development Coordinator helped to organize a second Five-Day Experiential Learning Institute last August; she, along with the Dean of Teaching and Learning, helped the Senate Executive Committee plan Professional Development Week; she worked with the Committee that planned the annual college Leadership Retreat; she planned the second annual Spring Summit: Innovative Strategies to Increase Student Success; she started a Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning Focused Inquiry Group; she worked with other District colleges to bring Community College of Baltimore County Culturally Responsive trainers to train LACCD personnel; she also formed the Professional Learning Subcommittee of the Student Success Committee.  A Reading Apprenticeship (RA) Coordinator was also hired at West, and West won a grant for RA training for members of our STEM faculty.

2016 - Faculty members selected West’s Professional Learning Hub Coordinator (PLH) and PLH trainers will be announced before the end of the semester. Then, those seven faculty members will provide on-campus training opportunities in evidence-based instructional methodologies including Acceleration, Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning, Growth Mindset, Habits of Mind, Just-in-Time Remediation, Reading Apprenticeship, and Supplemental Instruction to a large number of faculty members in the fall semester. They will also assist faculty members in implementing these methodologies in their courses, form and lead focused inquiry groups, and mentor Supplemental Instruction Leaders.

We are proud to report that 83 members of West’s community attended the May 5th Leadership Retreat where we sat together and engaged in conversations about equity using student success data. Dr. Pedro Noguera, who spoke at the Senate’s fall faculty professional development day, returned to talk about equitable practices we can all implement with our students. The Retreat planning team met to debrief, review the survey results, and discuss next steps for continuing the conversation around equitable outcomes for our students. One-hundred percent of the 52 survey respondents rated the event as excellent (69.2%), very good (25%) or good (5.8%).

The Reading Apprenticeship (RA) leadership team met with the Science division to discuss how the RA framework is going with the practices of embedding routines. We will question how our pedagogy has changed or not changed based on this paradigm shift of facilitating. A new faculty member will be chosen soon to continue training more faculty in RA and to facilitate the RA FIGS. Math faculty have met with the RA Coordinator one-on-one in lieu of the group FIG meetings. The Math faculty FIG date will be announced prior to Spring break, but four Math faculty members have been embedding the RA framework, and they have focused on Talk Aloud Pair Problem Solving (TAPPS). West sent a team of seven faculty from various discplines to the May 2017 Reading Apprenticeship Conference in San Mateo.

Implementation Proposal 

To address the issue of West faculty/staff disengagement, accessibility of training, and cultural sensitivity the college will implement the following professional development activities: a. Faculty advising (Counselor-led training for interested faculty) b. Faculty-Student dialogs c. Faculty and Staff Interest/Inquiry Groups i. Responsive practices for addressing the needs of students of color and low-income students Reading Apprenticeship ii. College Culture Survey results iii. Reading Apprenticeship iv. Equity v. Student Support Behaviors d. 3CSN-funded professional development activities e. Faculty & Tutor training for in-class tutoring effectiveness

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