Quantitative Literacy

Jackson College, with support from the Dana Center, has completed the third option for Math Pathways, and fully implemented it for 2016-17.

MAT 030

Cultivates student skills in interpreting, understanding, and using quantitative information. Develops facility with numeracy, problem solving strategies, proportional and statistical reasoning through a quantitative literacy lens. Fosters skills in reading and writing quantitative information. Emphasizes critical thinking and the use of multiple strategies in applied contexts. Fall 2016 was the first semester of running this course to full scale and we had a 36% pass rate.  During the Winter 2017 semester the pass rate was 45%, a 9% absolute increase over fall. 

MAT 030L

A one-hour zero credit lab that is grant funded, thus students do not pay for this lab. The lab is designed to work alongside the MAT 030 course to support students in review and remediation of topics.

ID 16919

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