Text Book Zero

Reducing the cost of text books is important because studies have found that students sometimes avoid buying texts or delay buying texts until later in the academic term because of high prices. Learning success requires motivated students, great instructors, quality courses and access to learning materials like texts. Our Text Book Zero (TBZ) initiative will increase student access to learning materials by making those materials available digitally to students, typically at a much lower cost, on the first day of class if they prefer or need that option.

By identifying a digital option for all texts we anticipate three main benefits: reducing student costs; increasing student success by ensuring access to learning materials earlier in the course; and, improving digital literacy. Digitally literate people use technology to access information, work with that information and develop new ways of understanding and sharing ideas with technology. TBZ will help our students access more academic information with technology and with incentive they should also learn to use technology more effectively to process, sort, store, represent and visualize information as well.

Beginning in Fall 2017, all courses will have digital materials as an option.

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