Faculty Professional Development

At Jackson College, we have invested in professional development across all our faculty and staff, all with the focus of supporting student success. This description focuses on the professional development we’ve offered to faculty, both full-time and adjunct faculty.

Faculty Learning Days: For multiple days before the Fall and Winter semester, faculty gather to engage in professional development and engage in discussions about college updates and initiatives. FLD sessions have included topics on active learning, technology of teaching and learning, civility and discourse, and more.

Adjunct Learning Day: On a Saturday before the Fall and Winter semesters, all adjunct faculty gather to engage in a full day of faculty professional development. Like at FLD, many sessions are faculty led. Sessions have featured how to use Google apps to enhance teaching and student interaction, advanced features of our Learning Management System, supporting student success, and more. We also pay adjunct faculty for their participation in all JC-sponsored faculty development sessions like ALD.

Instructional Skills Workshops: These are four-day-long intensive instructor development workshops that focus on honing the craft of teaching, especially how to incorporate active, collaborative learning in any lesson. We have five ISW-certified facilitators at our college who run between 4-5 ISW sessions over the course of each year.

A few of the dozens of workshops we’ve offer throughout the year include:

Engaging the Disengaged: Fostering Retention and Success Among Students. This workshop focuses on better understanding our students, their backgrounds, their motivations, and their behaviors. Participants discussed ways that we can foster positive relationships with our students that can lead to enhanced student retention and success.
Dr. Rita Pierson: Every Student Needs a Champion. This online workshop features a video and article by Dr. Rita F. Pierson, a lifelong educator known for advocating a relationship-based approach to teaching and learning. Faculty interact with each other about their impressions and takeaways, including how they may change their approach to instruction and faculty-student connections as a result of participating in the workshop.
Veterans on Campus. In this virtual practice environment, participants engage in simulated conversations with three virtual student veterans, helping each one resolve a challenge they are facing due to their transition. They’ll practice managing a challenging class discussion about conflicts overseas, and approaching and referring a veteran who is exhibiting signs of post deployment stress.

Adjunct Certification Process: We offer pay and benefit incentives for adjuncts who stay committed to student success at Jackson College and engage in a professional development plan guided by individual professional development goals. Through this process, adjuncts stay focused on goals, benefit from engagement with college and colleagues, and value Master Adjunct recognition. These positives also trickle down to benefit students.

For more information about the professional development and support we offer our adjunct faculty, visit https://www.jccmi.edu/wp-content/uploads/Jackson-College-AACC-Handout_wi....


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