Faculty and Staff-Led Faculty Development


Faculty-led faculty development with increased focus on adjunct professional development is seen as an opportunity to scale student success--starting with gateway courses. Columbus State will foster faculty-led development (inclusive of adjunct faculty) by:

  • finding out more about what faculty members (adjunct and full time) need to help them engage with students (beyond the immediate content concerns) by fishbone analysis
  • providing a working space for adjuncts to engage with students
  • involving part-time faculty in faculty led cross-disciplinary groups to explore common interests and concerns, and share ideas and best practices. Examples of topics include (not limited to) learning community cohorts in gateway courses (and/or developmental courses), and collaborative learning groups-(include training provided by Patrick Henry College).
  • integrating resources such as those being developed through AtD, and Office of Academic Affairs committees with the Adjunct Program Committee/Adjunct Resource Group
  • communicating and sharing best practices from conferences
  • encouraging faculty leadership opportunities
  • providing department full-time faculty mentors to guide new adjunct faculty
  • visiting AtD leader colleges in Ohio (Cuyahoga and Sinclair) to learn how their colleges engage part-time faculty
  • pursuing alternative ways to obtain funding for implementing innovative approaches to teaching and learning--e.g. research of potential grants available

2017 Update

The College has established that Faculty Professional Development must become a critical faculty lead function and be housed under Academic Affairs.  To date, faculty professional development was one of many staff training initiatives housed within the college’s Human Resources Division.

The responsibility for this initiative has been assigned to one of the Dean’s in Academic Affairs who will work closely with faculty leadership to support this initiative.  The initiative will attempt to provide comprehensive professional develop activities and support for all levels of college faculty.

From April  2017 to current this initiative has been predominately in a planning and development stage for fulltime faculty professional development.  The following activities have taken place:

1) Initiative planning team established

2) Developed a faculty lead  implementation model that established Faculty Fellows from each academic division and links existing faculty committees and groups to work together implementing faculty professional development governance and delivery models.

3) Training model proposed and accepted that focuses on faculty adopting and becoming proficient in the development and application of effective teaching strategies/outcomes in the following areas:

  • Active & Collaborative Learning
  • Critical Thinking
  • Writing Across the Curriculum
  • Teaching with technology
  • Distance Learning Pedagogy

4) Evaluation model proposed that does the following:

  • Integrates evaluation of faculty competencies in Active and Collaborative Learning, Critical Thinking and writing outcomes and measures for student performance into existing faculty evaluation practices and tools.
  • Measures and records faculty existing skills and new skill attainment

Initial planning for a comprehensive Faculty Professional Development website that is a one stop location for all activities and records.  The site will also house comprehensive online training modules and link to the colleges Human Resource Online ERP for training scheduling and housing the faculty skills database.

During the 2017/18 Academic Year this initiative will move from the planning stages to full implementation.  Key milestones will be:

  • Summer 2017 – complete plan and identify Faculty Fellows who will lead overall initiative.
  • Autumn 2017 – Faculty Fellows establish faculty advisory group linking existing appropriate faculty committees/leaders
  • Autumn 2017 – Begin planning and development for comprehensive faculty professional development website
  • Autumn 2017 – Develop campaign and schedule of faculty professional development activities focusing on Active & Collaborative Learning, Critical Thinking, Writing Across the Curriculum and teaching with technology.
  • Autumn 2017 – offer initial training in major areas of focus
  • Winter 2018 – plan and develop online training modules supporting major areas of focus
  • Winter 2018 – begin full implementation of professional development activities
  • Winter 2018 – integrate Human Resources ERP into faculty professional development website
  • Spring 2018 – continue faculty professional development activities that are face to face and online
  • Spring 2018 – Develop and Implement evaluation model
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