Learning Support/Gateway Course Corequisite

In AY 2015, West Georgia Technical College (WGTC) began a limited pilot allowing students to take learning support English and gateway English courses as corequisites during the same semester. In AY 2016, the College expanded the pilot to include math learning support and gateway courses, initially requiring students to enroll in a full-term (3 credit hour) learning support course concurrently with the gateway course. After one semester, however, a required one-hour supplemental math lab was substituted for the full-term course. Taking the courses concurrently enables students to complete their learning support requirement while earning college-level credit for their gateway courses, eliminating the linear course sequence and shortening completion by one semester.

Since the pilot was implemented, successful completion of math learning support and gateway corequisite sections has increased significantly: In AY 2016, when the full-term learning support course was taken concurrently with the gateway, the completion rate was 50%; when the newly developed intensive supplemental lab was taken concurrently, the completion rate for MATH 1111rose to just under 90%. The math supplemental lab project will be at full scale fall 2017; an English supplemental lab will be piloted the same semester in hopes of achieving similar results.

One of the greatest challenges with this intervention in the past year has been the loss of several seasoned math and English faculty, depleting the pool of faculty experienced in the implementation of the course corequisite model. Although new faculty are being hired, they will require extensive professional development and training before they can participate in these courses. Training for both full-time and adjunct faculty has been planned for summer 2017, but additional and ongoing training will be needed as this intervention goes to full scale in fall 2017.

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