Integrated Reading and Writing Learning Support

Developmental reading and writing at West Georgia Technical College (WGTC) have been two discrete courses but have overlapping competencies. Students with low placement test scores in both reading and writing generally take two semesters or more to complete both courses, and both are prerequisites to the gateway English course.

Within the College's plan to accelerate and contextualize its learning support courses, one of its six academic interventions—a pilot for an integrated reading and writing course—was implemented in 2016  and has proven highly successful in raising completion rates for both learning support and gateway English courses. The integrated reading and writing course completion rates since spring 2016 have ranged from 68% to 100% by class, an average of 78.05% for all sections. Comparatively, completion rates for former discrete English and reading courses in AY2015 were 47.60% and 62.85%, respectively. The completion rate for ENGL 1101during that same time period has increased from 71.37% to 78.85%.

One of the greatest challenges voiced by faculty implementing the early pilot courses was difficulty attracting students; lack of awareness and promotion of the new opportunity resulted in relatively low participant numbers, which in turn affected data analysis and generalizability. Although the College’s marketing department developed and implemented a promotional campaign encouraging students to “Get on the Fast Track!” to learning support and gateway course completion, it had little effect in increasing student participation. Beginning fall 2017, students meeting the eligibility criteria for integrated course admission will be required to enroll in that course, which will go full scale at that time.

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