Centralized Academic Resource Center (ARC)

Through focus groups, West Georgia Technical College (WGTC) students indicated a need for information on programs and services provided by the College. Students also voiced their concern over having to visit multiple offices, sometimes on multiple campuses, to receive help or accomplish tasks and expressed a preference for more personalized advisement and financial aid counseling. To meet these needs, WGTC planned, developed, and has begun implementing an Academic Resource Center (ARC), a consolidated hub of support services for students, facilitating student engagement and networking, as well as providing individualized support according to each student’s program requirements and needs. The ARC will permanently house academic advising, tutoring, and new student orientation breakout sessions. It will also provide meeting rooms for student organizations, study rooms equipped with SmartBoards for individuals or groups, and offices for a rotation of representatives from financial aid, admissions, disabilities services, veterans’ services, and student life.

Implementation began on one campus, with planned scale up to all campuses within the next four years. Although not the most populous campus, the first was chosen as the one with the highest likelihood of successful implementation and least disruptive renovation. Reconfiguration of the existing space provided a digital classroom/lab and designated tutoring, advising, and study spaces, as well as a relaxed internet café atmosphere conducive to learning. This reconceptualization of offices, kiosks, and learning spaces has increased usage of advising and tutoring services and given students the centralized open access to services that they requested.

Due to a combination of factors, the opening of the second campus ARC has been delayed until the upcoming fall. To date, however, data shows steadily increasing usage of advising through the QLess Automated Scheduling system in the first campus ARC (located in the library) as compared to traditional advising walk-ins in the libraries of two larger campuses. Student numbers in the current ARC fluctuate by term activities, as expected, with a high of 116 in August 2016 and a low of 17 in February 2017. To gather more qualitative data, a new POS survey has been developed to capture student voices on the effectiveness of this intervention.



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