Eliminate late registration

In fall 2012, the College’s late registration was eliminated and the resultant registration procedure was fully revised and implemented.  This procedure now requires that all students must register and pay for courses by 11:59 p.m. the day prior to the published start date of any specific course. The immediate deregistration of non-paying students, via the new procedure, allows faculty to have up-to-date rosters the first day of class and every day thereafter. Therefore, the goal of having the first day of every course as a teaching and learning day was realized.  Simultaneously, at the start of the fall 2013 semester, all departments participated in discussions that focused on how to better engage students the first six weeks of classes through group work and ice breakers.

Data from the 2014 CCSSE showed an increase in student engagement since 2010.  Specifically, individual items within two of the benchmarks—student-faculty interaction and academic challenge -- show clear improvements. For example, email communication with faculty increased from 58% to 68%, with only 8% of students stating they “never received prompt feedback on performance. Likewise, 81% of our students feel that their instructors are available, helpful, and sympathetic.

In Spring 2012, among all grades given for the term, 3,000 were “W” (withdraw); this figure represented 11% of all grades for the term.  When compared to Spring 2015, there were 2,305 “W” grades, which represent 9% of all grades for the term.  The percentage of “W” grades further declined in Spring 2016; there were 1,922 “W” grades in this term, which represented 8% of all the grades. A similar trend can be observed when examining the data for fall semesters. In Fall 2013, “W” grades were 10% of all grades, but the percentage of “W” grades has stabilized around 8-9% for every subsequent fall from 2014 to 2016. 

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