Closing Achievement Gaps Through Financial Empowerment

CCBC has approached Financial Empowerment from many angles.

Financial literacy is  infused into our required academic success course. A customized online product called Life Cents is offered in all sections of academic success course, reaching about 4500 students a year.  According to past surveys, 74% of students surveyed indicated that the financial literacy program helped change the way they think about money.

A financial empowerment curriculum has been embedded into developmental education courses. A resource book with actual lessons for reading, English, and math was created and distributed to faculty.

We publicize information about Federal Financial Aid's Satisfactory Academic Progress on all developmental education course syllabi. We initiated an intervention program for developmental students on financial aid warning, which utilizes academic coaches who have been trained in financial coaching.

Finally, we began a program of wrap-around services called  the College and Community Outreach Service, where students can complete a quick audit to determine that public social supports that may be entitled to as well as referral services.

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