Closing Achievement Gaps Through Culturally Responsive Teaching

CCBC’s Culturally Responsive Teaching program (CRT) is designed to help faculty and staff develop a learning environment appropriate for a diverse student population. The seminar provides 24 hours of training for participants over an 8 day period. The specific goals of this training are: (a) To develop faculty understanding of the nature of race and culture, including expressions of race and culture by the students with whom they work; (b) To positively affect faculty’s interaction with students by training faculty to manage racial and cultural elements of classroom social exchange; and (c) To improve student success by developing faculty’s ability to respond to cultural and racial needs and expectations of the particular students with whom they work.

In addition to the CRT Seminar, CCBC offers a two hour CRT Workshop. The workshop is open to all staff, but is particularly targeted to adjunct faculty. There are currently four modules in the CRT Workshop: Meanings of Culture and Race, Mindsets and Culture, Overcoming Stereotype Threat, and Social Capital and Learning. Each module is taught twice a year. To encourage attendance, CCBC offers a stipend to attendees.

CRT training is also incorporated into the annual events and conferences that faculty and staff attend during the year. In 2017, Dr. Tia McNair, Vice-President for Diversity, Equity and Student Success at the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AACC), was the keynote speaker at our Developmental and General Education symposium. CRT training and topic discussions are offered at Professional Developmental Day, Fall Focus, Developmental and General Education Symposium, President’s Leadership Academy and many more
CCBC has partnered with other colleges in the state to advance culturally responsive teaching. The college has hosted the Culturally Responsive Teaching Conference for the last three years. The conference typically hosts 180-250 participants, drawn from colleges across the country, K-12 schools and CCBC faculty and staff.

CCBC’s Male Student Success Initiative (MSSI) is a keystone in efforts to retain at-risk students. The MSSI is intended to increase the persistence rate and improve academic standing of male students at CCBC, primarily students of color and athletes. The program encourages mutual support and collegiality among students who share common interests. Services include proactive academic support, the development of emotional maturity and social skills, training in financial literacy, and referral to resources in and outside the college community. The MSSI links and extends CCBC’s existing high-impact practices to program elements including skill-building workshops, study hall and collaborative activities, intrusive academic advising and mentoring to support male students.

As part of MSSI, CCBC has continued to expand its student orientation course, Academic Development: Transitioning to College (ACDV101), with sections reserved for African American males. These ACDV101 sections are facilitated by faculty members who have completed the Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) training at CCBC. The standard ACDV101 curriculum has been adapted to the specific cultural needs of men of color.


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