Pathways Program

Pathways are designed to help students meet their academic and career goals.  Students entering a credit program at CCBC are assigned one of six pathways according to their major, and each Pathway offers simplified, streamlined course selection tracks, which help students stay on track.

Students begin their CCBC experience with StartSmart, an online and in-person program that explain provides information about financial aid, test preparation, and pathways. Then consult an advisor and register for courses within their pathway, including an Academic Development course which has assignments contextualized to the pathways. They also register at advisement for New Student Orientation, where Pathways are emphasized by participating faculty.  Within the pathways are course tracks, simplifying decision-making and leaving open the possibility of exploration in a given career cluster during the first two semesters. Students who are college-ready with the exception of math are eligible for course tracks. Other developmental students are on the On-Ramp to Pathways. Students are automatically enrolled in a pathways-related Blackboard site, where all events are posted. Pathway Kick-offs are held at the beginning of each semester, and later events related to careers and transfer are held. Students get to work closely with dedicated Pathway faculty members and participate in Pathway-related clubs, field trips, service learning and guest speaker events with students who share common interests.

CCBC has begun the process of infusing high impact practices into sections of the most highly-enrolled general education courses across all of the pathways. In FY2017, CCBC introduced Diversity\Global Learning and Collaborative Learning HIP (High Impact Practices) in two highly enrolled general education courses.

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