Developmental Reading Placement Change

Beginning in the Fall 2013 term, the college applied the lessons learned from changing the placement requirements in math courses to placement in Developmental Reading. Student success outcomes data led the college to lower by 5 points the minimum Compass Test placement score for students to exempt Developmental Reading and enroll in college-level courses. As a result of this change, 27% fewer first time freshmen were enrolled in RDG 100 (TTC's final Developmental Reading course) than in Fall 2012, allowing more first-time students to experience college-level courses in their first term.  In Fall 2013, students persisting from RDG 100 to either developmental Introduction to Composition (ENG 100), gateway English Composition I (ENG 101), or Introduction to Computers (CPT 101) successfully completed ENG 100, ENG 101, or CPT 101 at a rate 1.9 percentage points higher than students in Fall 2012.


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