Computer-Assisted Instruction in Algebra Sequence Courses

In Fall 2010, the Department of Mathematics began to systematically add a MyMathLab computer-assisted instruction (CAI) supplement to course instruction in order to help students to master course competencies and retain essential information through emphases on homework completion, continuous skills practice, immediate feedback, skills mastery, and directed assistance.  The department has progressively scaled up this intervention in the algebra sequence courses of MAT 101 (Beginning Algebra), MAT 102 (Intermediate Algebra), and MAT 110 (College Algebra).  The CAI component also features departmental policies regarding students' successful completion of CAI components and preparatory quizzes in order to take tests and progress in the courses.  The full implementation of this initiative has required consistent release time for a departmental CAI Coordinator to train full and part time faculty on the CAI components and the building of a computer lab in order to guarantee students campus access to MyMathLab.

In Fall 2011, a majority of MAT 101 enrolled in CAI sections while a majority of students in MAT 102 and MAT 110 enrolled in non-CAI sections.  The success rates of CAI sections exceeded the success rates in the non-CAI sections by the following margins:

  • MAT 101 = 2.8 percentage points (pp)
  • MAT 102 = 13.2 pp
  • MAT 110 = 16.0 pp

In Fall 2012, the success rates of students in MAT 101, MAT 102, and MAT 110 increased from Fall 2011, and a majority of students enrolled in CAI sections for all three courses.  The students in the CAI sections, however, did not consistently outperform the students in the non-CAI sections.  In MAT 101, the non-CAI sections had a success rate .2 percentage points higher than the CAI sections, making the sections essentially even in terms of success rates.  In MAT 102, the non-CAI sections had a success rate 1.8 percentage points higher than the CAI sections.  In MAT 110, though, the CAI sections had a success rate 5.7 percentage points higher than the non-CAI sections. 

Due to the overall trend in math success rates and student learning in CAI sections, the Department of Mathematics converted all algebra sequence courses to CAI classes in Fall 2013.

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