Math Assistance and Tutoring

In order to increase math students' access to assistance from instructors and other students outside of class, the college designed and furnished designated study spaces, called Math Cubes, on three campuses.  The college does not explicitly track students’ usage of the Math Cubes, but we have continued strong anecdotal evidence of students working with other students and with faculty members in the Math Cubes.

In the college’s Learning Centers, TTC offers one-on-one sessions or group sessions with designated math tutors, and students receive assistance on math course work and concepts. In the 2015-2016 academic year, the Learning Center registered 2,279 tutoring sessions, with 739 unique students receiving tutoring services. A previous study conducted by TTC's Office of Institutional Research revealed the following results for students attending at least three tutoring sessions for a math class during the Fall 2010-Fall 2012 terms:  "Although no significant difference exists in any course or overall for any of the three terms studied the tutored students do perform slightly better than the general population. [. . .] The results are especially impressive since many of the tutored students begin the term 'panicked and lost'; therefore, they seek out extra help and tutoring enables them succeed at a level equal to or slightly higher than the general population."

The college will continue to enhance students' uses of the Math Cubes and of tutoring resources.

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