Instituting "Seat Ready" Policy and Practice Changes

NOTE: The report below is from the Fall 2014-2015 academic year, but the information for the Fall 2015-2016 academic year largely mirrors the 2014-2015 information. Therefore, we have kept the information from the previous year’s report.When TTC moved to a college-wide compressed-term schedule in Fall 2014, the college also instituted clear and enforced “Seat Ready” policies to ensure that students were ready for classes on the first day in order to maximize their class time.

Some of the “Seat Ready” policy and practice measures the college adopted include:

  • Providing students with specific dates by which they must submit application, financial aid, and disability services documentation in order to be guaranteed enrollment on the first day of the term.  Students who do not meet these deadlines are not guaranteed enrollment by the first day of the first 7-week term (“Fall 1” or “Spring 1”).  Those who may have been admitted late in previous years now are not admitted for the first 7-week term of the semester but are encouraged to enroll in the second 7-week term (“Fall 2” or “Spring 2”) when they will be “seat ready” on the first day of class.
  • Instituting more financial “purges” to ensure that students have funding available for their classes.
  • Allowing students to charge their books at the campus bookstore pending the finalization of their financial aid verifications so that students will not have to wait to purchase course texts (a practice that the college implemented in Fall 2013).
  • Significantly limiting registration and Drop/Add options.  Students cannot late register for a face-to-face class that has already met, and online students cannot register for an online class after the first full day of classes.  Students can only add a class once it has met if they are enrolled in another section of the same course.
  • Limiting the “Never Attended” reporting period to the first week of classes.  Students who do not meet attendance requirements during the first week are removed from the classes they did not attend.

After the implementation of the college’s compressed-term schedule and the “Seat Ready” policies in Fall 2014, the college saw dramatic increases in students’ course completions and first time freshman students’ persistence to Spring 2015.  Please see TTC’s “Intervention Showcase” report on the college’s compressed-term schedule results for more information on these outcomes.

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