Successful Course Completions

Grayson College believes that when a student successfully completes courses, they will be retained and will ultimately complete their degree or certificate.  Utilizing course level data, faculty have been identifying courses with low succcess rates and developing targeted interventions for students or revisions to course curriculum/design in an effort to improve student success.  The institutional successful course completion rate in Fall 2014 of 72%, the college seeks to improve this rate incrementally over time.  In addition, the first semester course success rate; the percentage of starting cohort students completeing all of their courses with an A, B, or C, in fall 2014 was 36%; and the starting cohort fall to spring retention rate was 71%. 

Key intervnetions inlcude the development of an Annual Faculty Data Summit for the review of course success rates, the identification of course level improvements, and the initiation of proactive outreach by faculty to students who are at risk due to non attendance or poor academic progress.  The college has begun tracking student attendance and based on attendance reporting, conducted by faculty, academic advisors have begun conducting intrusive advising for additional student support services and proactive outreach to these students.

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