Developmental Math Redesign

NOVA was the first community college in Virginia to comprehensively redesign their developmental math program. The redesign effort entailed implementation of a new placement test (VPT-Math) and redesign of the course structure and curriculum. To this end, faculty performed extensive studies of math goals and placement policies. In addition, faculty created individual instruction using computer supported modules that permit multiple exit points into different college-level math courses. The new curriculum replaced semester-long courses with units that focuses on specific mathematical concepts and uses technology to teach students in the NCAT Emporium style, which NOVA adapted to meet the requirements of the math department. Students now study only those concepts for which they do not demonstrate mastery on the placement test, and instructors are able to provide more personal attention to their students. A new placement test, VPT-Math was also implement. Together, these changes accelerate student completion of developmental coursework and reduce the expense incurred to do so.

Beginning in Fall 2014, all first-time-to-college students are required to take placement test and if placed, are required to enroll in developmental math in their first semester.

NOVA's Developmental Math Leadership team collects and analyzes data on a regular basis. Over the past two academic years, NOVA has been able to pinpoint the areas that act as the largest obstacles to students on completion of developmental math. Using this data, NOVA has put into place sections of developmental math that blend technology with tradtional teaching. Early data has shown that this practice has benefitted those students who struggle with the lowest levels of developmental math, and find the technology-dependent delivery of developmental math overwhelming. As a result, NOVA will implement more of these "blended" classes to provide a softer transition from high touch instruction for early units to lower touch individualized instruction for later units.

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