ENGAGE: Addressing High Enrollment, Low Success Rate classes

In 2016-17,  West Hills College Lemoore continued the model of best practices in the classroom is ENGAGE.

E = Expectations: develop a prime-time syllabus!

N = Name: know the names of your students by Week 4!

G = Gameplan: share a daily agenda and weekly plan for instruction with your students!

A = Academic Support: intentionally connect your students to ACE, tutoring, and early alert!

G = Got Relevancy?: commit to content that has relevancy in today’s world and workplace!

E = Enhance: commit to web-enhancing your class and accessing key functions of Canvas.

We have some faculty that have contued to use this mdeol for enaggement. hoever, we ahve not developed an assessment model to determine the impact on student succcess.

ID 17017

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