Network Relaunch

Colleges that have been in the ATD Network for several years or have experienced a leadership transition have the opportunity to reenergize their student success efforts. The Network Relaunch includes working on the fundamentals in the Institutional Capacity Framework, engaging the broader college community as change agents, orienting new staff and team members to the ATD Network, building alignment with student success efforts and pathways principles through an equity lens, and jumpstarting the next phase of your institutional student success journey.


Achieving the Dream’s Network Relaunch offers your college the opportunity to:

  • Re-energize your student success team
  • Engage your broader college community as change agents
  • Orient your new staff and team members to the ATD Network
  • Jumpstart the next phase of your student success journey

Your Network Relaunch includes:

  • ATD Annual Network Benefits
  • Onsite consulting by a 3-person team composed of an ATD staff member and dedicated Leadership and Data Coaches
  • An additional site visit by your Leadership and Data Coaches to continue the momentum      



To schedule your ATD Network Relaunch today, please contact Ryan Knight, Associate Director of Network Recruitment and Retention, at

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