Expanding College Readiness through K-12 Postsecondary Collaboration (Spotlight)

Forty-five states and the District of Columbia adopted the Common Core State Standards as a first step towards establishing a common understanding of college readiness across postsecondary and K-12 systems. Founded on this common understanding, postsecondary and K-12 partners are working together to develop assessments that will provide better information about students' preparation for college earlier in their high school careers. In this spotlight session, attendees will learn from state policy and institution representatives about what new information these assessments will provide about student readiness and how postsecondary systems might use this information to support students on their campuses. Attendees and panelists will share information about the impact of these changes on state postsecondary systems and how community colleges are preparing to use Common Core aligned assessments to support college readiness, success and completion.


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