Ongoing Research and Future Directions for Guided Pathways for Student Success (Spotlight)

A growing number of community colleges are redesigning their offerings to simplify the path through college, creating more highly structured programs with default schedules and built-in feedback and supports that help students make better choices and guide them toward their end goals. These guided pathways help students choose a program of study early, and ensure that students know where they are in their program and understand what they need to do to finish. In these models, developmental education is designed to be an on-ramp to college level pathways. This session will present findings from on-going research on guided pathways, the problems that they are designed to solve, their costs, their relation to the labor market, and the reactions of students and advisors. We will also consider the relation of guided pathways to unbundled, technology-based, “disruptive” models that are being touted as potentially lower cost and more effective than conventional institution- and course-based delivery models.

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