The Arkansas System Level Strategy for Student Success: Collaboration and Continuous Improvement (Spotlight)

Over the past five years, a broad, statewide effort to improve student success in community colleges has taken root. Partners in the effort included the state's 22 community colleges, the Arkansas Association of Two-Year Colleges, the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, and the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. Many factors played a role in Arkansas's achievements. But a cornerstone in that success has been the development and implementation of a broad, intentional strategy, focused on student success, to build and scale the capacity of the state's community colleges to drive change on their own campuses. The strategy was developed with guidance from Achieving the Dream. In this panel, attendees will be part of a conversation featuring the partners in the effort discuss the Arkansas System Level Strategy for Student success and will walk away with an understanding of how these coordinated efforts are changing the way students experience college in Arkansas.

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