Generation X Leadership and the Next Decade of Achieving the Dream (Spotlight)

The Aspen Institute and ATD recently reported in Crisis and Opportunity: Aligning theCommunity College Presidency with Student Success, that “… by the end of this decadeover half the current cohort of leaders will likely be retired … the question, then, is where tofind and how to develop the next generation of leaders needed to dramatically improvestudent success?”Come and join a panel of newly appointed community college presidents and otherGeneration X leaders as they share what they see as key and essential skills and competenciesto achieve high levels of success for students. These panelists are building the current andfuture student success agenda and bring very unique perspectives to this conversation. Theyhave been part of ATD in a very unique role. With the exception of only one, all panelists areadministrators, faculty, staff who have been working as ATD Data Coaches.

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