Participate in America's College Promise Week of Action

To help keep America’s College Promise a part of the public conversation, we are encouraging the Achieving the Dream National Reform Network to participate in a Twitter Chat using #HeadsUpATD during the Week of Action.  On Thursday, October 29 from 1:00p.m.-2:00p.m. ET, join us by tweeting about your student success and completion work.   Please use #HeadsUpATD within your tweet and feel free to retweet.

Colleges may also host an event or piggyback off an already planned event during the week of October 26 to call attention to the work community colleges do and the opportunities for students and communities to prosper with Promise-like programs.  For more information, please click here.

ATD hosted a PIO conversation on Thursday, October 22 about participating in a Week of Action at the end of October designed to highlight the critical role of community colleges in rebuilding the middle class, strengthening the local and national workforce, and encouraging students to realize their dreams.  The call was an open forum to discuss how your college can help champion community colleges during the Week of Action by being especially active on social media, adding text to your website, hosting a real or virtual event, or other activities identified during the call.  ATD invites you to review background information (see files below) and encourages you to share your planned activities for the Week of Action by using #HeadsUpATD.


For background and Week of Action material, please download the below documents.


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