2015 ATD Network Survey Results

In October 2015, Achieving the Dream invited presidents, core team leaders, data team leaders, and institutional research leaders at ATD Network colleges to participate in an annual Network survey. Altogether 129 respondents, representing 91 ATD colleges, completed the survey. The major findings are highlighted as below:

Top 3 Motivators for Joining ATD

  • Strategic priority to improve student success outcomes
  • Need for better evidence-based decision making
  • Need for more promising practices and improvement strategies

Top 3 Benefits After Joining ATD

  • Learning about successful interventions in colleges’ areas of interest
  • Networking opportunities with peer colleges
  • Attending DREAM

Satisfaction with ATD Coaching  

  • 88% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed leadership coach's style is a good fit for the college
  • 82% agreed or strongly agreed data coach's style is a good fit for the college
  • 88% were satisfied or very satisfied with leadership coaching
  • 83% were satisfied or very satisfied with data coaching

Satisfaction with ATD Communications 

  • 83% of respondents believe ATD is performing well or very well in representing the Network's experience, knowledge, and perspective in the national higher education dialogue
  • 80% of respondents believe ATD is performing well or very well in disseminating knowledge developed by Network institutions throughout the Network and the field of higher education
  • 79% of respondents believe ATD is performing well or very well in identifying and highlighting trends and next-generation issues for Network institutions

Transforming Approaches to Student Success (average ratings on a scale of 0 to 10)

  • To what degree participation in the ATD Network transformed the college’s approach to helping students succeed: 7.6
  • To what degree respondents believe institution is meeting the ATD goals established: 7.2
  • Likelihood of recommending ATD to other institutions: 7.8

Positive Changes Observed on Campus After Joining Achieving the Dream Network 

  • 97% of respondents reported intensified focus on student success
  • 94% reported increased use of data
  • 79% reported revised/new policies and procedures to support student success
  • 73% reported increased resources to support student success
  • 66% reported more courageous conversations
  • 66% reported improved student outcomes
  • 66% reported broader faculty engagement
  • 63% reported greater commitment to equity and closing achievement gaps

Top 5 Areas Colleges Asking for Technical Assistance

  • Data (use of data, advanced analytics, data visualization)
  • Guided pathways
  • Best practices (what works in moving the needle)
  • Teaching and learning strategies
  • Closing achievement gaps

Focus Group at DREAM 2016

72% of the respondents volunteered to be on focus group at DREAM 2016 to discuss higher education issues


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