On the Shoulders: The Contributions of Achieving the Dream to the Pathways Movement

Last week, six national partners, including Achieving the Dream, launched the first of six Pathways Institutes supporting 30 community colleges committed to ensuring that every student in their colleges is entering a structured guided pathway upon enrollment by Fall 2018.

We have learned much from the progress of the more than 200 colleges that are engaged with Achieving the Dream. Implementing the Achieving the Dream model has helped these colleges build the organizational capacities to confidently move into and be successful in the pathways work. 

These lessons inform the next generation of work at Achieving the Dream. At the end of February, Achieving the Dream will unveil a new national model for organizational change that emerges from the field and our research gathered over a decade of lessons learned. This national model will have at its core seven essential capacities—capacities that must be in place for colleges to embark on large-scale change work like that required in Pathways or its sister effort, Integrated Planning and Advising Systems.  

To read Dr. Karen A. Stout's entire statement,  please click here or download the .pdf below.


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