Providing Alternative Pathways to “15 to Finish”

Achieving the Dream President & CEO Dr. Karen A. Stout analyzes the "15-to-Finish" concept.  Excerpt below.

Though the "15-to-Finish" concept has merits in concept, the reality is that today’s non-traditional students are already stretched and require instead greater effort from institutional leaders and postsecondary decision-makers to help create an environment that supports their success.


The campaign underway to promote the “15 to Finish” concept of encouraging college students to earn at least 15 credits each semester is gaining interest among a number of public colleges and statewide higher education systems. The U.S. Department of Education has also weighed in and proposed a $300 annual bonus for Pell recipients who enroll in at least 15 credits per semester.

Unfortunately, “15 to Finish” can be a heavy lift for the 80 percent of today’s American students who most likely are juggling work, family and other responsibilities while trying to pursue their educational goals.

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