The Challenges and Opportunities of iPASS Reform

Achieving the Dream Associate Director of Data and Technology for Student Success Mei-Yen Ireland contributed an Integrated Planning and Advising for Student Success (iPASS) blog on July 8, 2016 to the EDUCAUSE Review regarding the importance of alignment and change leadership as well as the underlying need to tie iPASS to a cohesive, branded, and understood student success agenda.  Excerpt below.



This past spring I have had the privilege of facilitating change leadership training with groups of faculty and staff at 11 iPASS institutions. Over the course of my visits I have been inspired by the dedication and commitment of the iPASS grantees to challenge the status quo in order to pursue innovative approaches to improve student success. The opportunity to experience diverse campus cultures, unique institutional challenges, and different visions for iPASS has afforded me a chance to reflect on some key aspects of what it means to pursue technology-mediated advising reform through iPASS.

iPASS is more than just another initiative with defined boundaries and structures. iPASS requires an integration of technology, advising reform, and change leadership in such a way that the student experience and therefore the institution as a whole is transformed. Four common themes emerged from my visits that are indicative of the challenges and opportunities that institutions encounter when truly pursuing iPASS reform:  communication, capacity and resources, maintaining momentum, and collective power.



To read the full blog post, please visit here.

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