ATD Showcases Student Art

Achieving the Dream found another way to reflect our ties to our colleges and students.  We turned our office space into a gallery showcasing student art. These beautiful pieces of art exemplify the depth, breadth and diversity of our student's work and have made our environment so inviting.

ATD is proud to be displaying pieces of art from students at Anne Arundel Community College, Northern Virginia Community College and Montgomery County Community College. 

Anne Arundel Community College

  • Anna Irons 
  • Edgardo Salomon
  • Jessica All 
  • John Roe 
  • Raymond E. Meyers
  • Richard Starr 
  • Robert Kendall Priel
  • Sam Jenkins 
  • Sanmi Makinde 

Northern Virginia Community College

  • Rosemary Gallick

Montgomery County Community College

  • Dianne Zotter-Mill

See samples of our new artwork:



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