ATD Learning Opportunities: Spring Events

Achieving the Dream has a full calendar of interesting and informative learning events for you this Spring.  Please register today.

April 6  2:00pm ET Webinar

Data & Technology Insight Webinar Series: Effective Uses of Behavioral and Engagement Data - Practical Examples and Lessons from the Field

This session will present findings from NASPA’s qualitative examination of institutions’ collection and use of engagement and behavioral data. The presenters will share examples of how institutions are using these data to develop interventions and monitor students’ progress, and address issues related to data privacy and effective communication with students about the use of their information.


  • Michelle Burke, Consultant and CEO, Student Affairs Solutions
  • Amelia Parnell, Vice President for Research and Policy, NASPA
  • John Laws, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Ivy Tech Community College

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April 7  2:00pm ET Webinar

WSSN Bundling and Sequencing Webinar Series:  #3 Sustainability

In the final webinar of the Working Students Success Network series, we revisit rationale for adopting the integrated services delivery (ISD) approach and the benefits for students and college, and discuss how to evaluate which core services and/or bundles are most effective, share examples of large and small colleges that have institutionalized the ISD approach, and introduce an ROI model developed with WSSN colleges in mind.

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April 11  3:00pm ET Webinar

Data & Technology Insight Webinar Series: Using Data to Drive Integrated Student Support Redesign

Learn strategies for collecting and utilizing actionable data to drive redesign of the student experience (e.g., guided pathways, integrated advising and student supports). Presenters will share examples of the structures and processes that colleges can use to leverage data and evaluation in order to customize student support and refine and scale redesign efforts.


  • Christine Lemerande, Early Alert System Manager, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
  • John Grant, Dean of Student Development, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

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April 11  3:00pm ET Webinar

2017 Cohort: Welcome to Achieving the Dream & The First Year Experience

Colleges participating in Achieving the Dream’s 2017 Cohort are invited to attend a live webinar presentation welcoming them as the newest cohort of the Achieving the Dream National Reform Network (ATD). During this presentation ATD staff will provide an overview of ATD’s history, mission and approach as well as an overview of what colleges can expect during their first year in the Network. This webinar is one of two presentations designed to prepare the 2017 Cohort for ATD’s Kickoff Institute in June. 

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NOTE:  This webinar is targeted toward colleges selected to participate in Achieving the Dream’s 2017 Cohort.  If you would like to participate and are not part of the 2017 Cohort, please email our Assistant Director of Network Recruitment and Retention, Ashley McDonald, at or call (240) 450 - 3849 to make arrangements.

April 18  2:00pm ET Webinar

Data & Technology Insight Webinar Series: ICAT Alignment to Accreditation

ATD’s new paper, Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool: Alignment to Accreditation, describes ways colleges can use results to inform decision making. The webinar includes presentations from the publication author, ATD coaches, a former commissioner of AACJC, and staff from two colleges that have taken the ICAT. They will demonstrate how to use the tool, discuss the importance of documenting the process, and implications for accreditation.


  • Terri M. Manning, ATD Data Coach, Associate Vice President for Information Technology and Research Services, CEO, Center for Applied Research, Central Piedmont Community College
  • John Nixon, ATD Leadership Coach, Former Commissioner and Project Lead for Rewriting ACCJC Standards
  • William Heineman, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, Northern Essex Community College
  • Donna Kragt, Dean of Institutional Research and Planning, Grand Rapids Community College

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May 10-12 Minneapolis In-Person Workshop

Designing Math Pathways: Building Institutional Capacity and Sustainability in Math Redesign

ATD and the Dana Center are co-hosting a unique workshop for institutional teams to begin and/or deepen work to develop and implement math pathways at scale. Workshop is designed for teams comprising math faculty, an administrator, and a representative of advising to work on a holistic approach to impact student success. The workshop is highly interactive, with well-documented success outcomes.  

Learn more and register here.

May 23  2:00pm ET Webinar

Data & Technology Insight Webinar Series: Set Your Data Free! Empowering Faculty with Course-Level Data to Drive Student Success

Learn how and why Pierce College changed its culture and is empowering faculty to use Tableau software to foster institution-wide dialogue about student success data, which now enables college faculty to use dashboards connected to real-time data to identify disconnects among content coverage, mastery, and success in subsequent classes. 


  • Thomas Broxson, District Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Pierce College
  • Matt Campbell, Vice President, Learning & Student Success, Pierce College
  • Erik Gimness, Director of Institutional Research, Pierce College
  • Carly Haddon, Data Solutions Specialist, Pierce College

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