OER Proposals Gaining Momentum Across the US

The Ohio Association of Community College (OACC) Student Success Centers is exploring the possibility of a strategy that would lower the cost of textbooks by building on the colleges’ existing OER experiences with the proposal of an innovation grant to support OER work now in its pending stages. The Ohio proposal is just one of several recent state-level efforts to address college affordability and promote OER. A proposed bill in Texas would create a $200,000 state OER grant program, establish protocols for “OER course designations” in course catalogs, and order a statewide feasibility study. In Washington state, the Governor signed legislation that included a provision to “to identify and develop additional open educational resources to support digital citizenship, media literacy, and internet safety in schools.” In New York State, Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed legislation that allotted $8 million to support OER efforts across the state to be divided between to CUNY and SUNY. Both college systems participate in ATD’s OER Degree Initiative. Last year, California create a one-time $5 million expenditure to fund the development of OER degrees in the state.

Dr. Sebastian, along with Una Daly, Director of the Community College Consortium for OER (CCCOER) and a partner in the OER Degree Initiative, each gave a virtual presentation to the group.

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