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The Achieving the Dream team is in the field this week, hosting summits, delivering keynotes and presentations, and leading working sessions across the country. Follow us on Twitter @achievethedream to join the conversation.

Open Educational Resources Summit, Miami, FL
The invitation-only event brings together the 38 colleges participating in ATD’s Open Educational Resources Initiative to report on their work, share best practices, and plan for the future. In addition to current grantees, colleges who competed to be part of the project cohort are attending as well. President and CEO Dr. Karen A. Stout is delivering the keynote, OER: The Student Success Multiplier Effect. Look for a report published after this week’s summit.

Workforce of Tomorrow: Skills, Jobs & the New Collar Economy, Washington D.C.
Diane Bosak, Vice President for Workforce Strategies and Policy, is a part of a panel discussion about the vital role that community colleges play in developing talent and how institutions have become launching pads for tomorrow’s STEM workforce. 
Conference website.

Advance State Leaders Connecting Learning to Work Spring Meeting, Washington, D.C.
Cindy Lopez, Program Director, Tribal Colleges and University Programs, is leading a session about the changing "traditional" postsecondary student and how systems and programs must evolve to meet the needs of each learner through long-term, sustained strategies and commitments. Meeting agenda.

Aspen Presidential Fellows, Aspen, CO
President and CEO Dr. Karen A. Stout will be in Aspen, CO, to join the 2017-2018 Aspen Presidential Fellows for their final convening this week, part of their year-long program that began in July 2017. Delivered in collaboration with the Stanford Educational Leadership Initiative and top community college leaders, the program reflects a new vision for leadership that focuses on delivering strong student outcomes in four areas: learning, completion while in community college and of bachelor’s degrees after transfer, employment and earnings after graduation, and equitable access and success for underrepresented minority and low-income students. Meet the Presidential Fellows.


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