Dr. Stout Urges Miami Dade College Graduates to “Root to Rise”

President & CEO Dr. Karen A. Stout urged graduates to “root to rise” during her commencement address at Miami Dade College. Dr. Stout addressed graduates of the Homestead Campus, one of eight campuses that comprise Miami Dade College, at the Theodore R. Gibson Health Center on the college’s Kendall Campus.

“Like many of you who entered Miami Dade a few years ago, I started today’s remarks with a blank page in front of me. Daunting. Uncomfortable. Challenging. Yet, filled with opportunity and surprise. The blank page, as you well know, can be unsettling AND also thrilling if we can just get started, and suspend worrying about the challenges ahead of us,” she said.

“So, like many of you when you decided to start, or continue, and now finish your education, I suspended worrying and built these remarks around a theme that I think—I hope—will resonate with you. That theme is root to rise.  Root to rise is a familiar instruction in a yoga classroom. Root to rise! In yoga, this refers to establishing a strong base from which most any other pose can rise. You have built strong roots here at Miami Dade College that will enable you to rise.” Read her full address here.

Following her address to the graduates, Dr. Stout received an Honorary Degree from Miami Dade College president Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón and Homestead Campus president Dr. Jeanne F. Jacobs.

Miami Dade, a college in the ATD national Network, enrolls nearly 90,000 students in credit programs and 60,000 enroll in noncredit courses. The college offers more than 300 programs and pathways in certificate, associate, and baccalaureate programs. Most students attending the college are from Miami-Dade County (93 percent), with 4 percent from outside the state and 2 percent from outside the country.


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