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The Achieving the Dream team is in the field this week on campus site visits and participating in summits, conferences, workshops, and meetings across the country. Keep up with us on Twitter @achievethedream.

Colleges in our ATD Network are getting ready to welcome new students and returning students to their campuses across the country this month. We wish them all the best as they begin the new academic year.

Many of our ATD Coaches and colleagues are on campuses, working with faculty and administrators and staff to help them advance their ATD work in teaching and learning, creating OER degrees, developing pathways, integrating student supports, and more.

This week, we are also preparing for a “start.” Our fourth annual Data & Analytics Summit is scheduled to begin September 5, in College Park, MD. The Summit brings together institutional researchers, IT professionals, administrators, faculty and staff from two-year and four-year institutions to discuss how to leverage data to propel transformative change by telling effective stories with data, surfacing insights from qualitative data and using results from Achieving the Dream’s Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool (ICAT) to support accreditation. The Summit is open to colleges and universities inside and outside of the ATD Network.  Learn more.


Data & Analytics Summit: September 5-7 in College Park, MD

Our fourth annual Data & Analytics Summit is a collaborative learning event for members of student success and data teams at two- and four-year institutions. From September 5-7 in College Park, MD, learn insights on building institutional capacity to collect, access, analyze, and use data to inform decision-making and build a student-focused culture. Sessions will pay special attention to the many gaps that exist in higher education and in analytics - achievement and equity; data and insight; supply and demand in talent; and quality of information, to name a few. Read more here.

Holistic Student Supports Institute: October 8-11 in St. Louis, MO

For two- and four-year institutions, this Institute prepares participants to transform their advising and student support services to promote an integrated and personalized student experience. The Institute covers design principles for integrating advising and student supports and the process of aligning integrated advising and student supports with pathways development and other student success initiatives. Lessons learned from ATD’s iPASS work and the Working Students Success Network (WSSN) help form the foundation of the approach. College teams will explore their own institutions’ policies on students with financial needs to determine if they are offering equitable support. Learn more about the Institute and register here.

15th Annual DREAM National Convening: February 19-22, 2019 in Long Beach, CA
A Unique Collaborative & Learning Event

DREAM is a unique collaborative and learning event that brings together a thriving group of community college practitioners from more than 250 community colleges. During the four-day event, attendees hear how the nation’s top leaders are tackling the challenges of equity, increasing student success, increasing capacity for data analysis, program evaluation, and student-centered, data-informed decision- making. Participants take advantage of opportunities to share their own work and experience in hundreds of concurrent sessions and workshops and to meet informally with colleagues and speakers in receptions and other special events. The event is designed to provide many opportunities for individuals and teams to be active participants and to bring new learning, fresh ideas, and renewed energy back to their campuses.

The Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center is the site of the 15th DREAM and is located in the heart of downtown Long Beach, California. The Center is within walking distance to first-class accommodations, shopping, dining, attractions, and sightseeing.


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