New Features in ATD Connect Coming January 15, 2019

We have made several improvements to ATD Connect, our portal for colleges in the ATD Network, and will be launching the new site on January 15, 2019. We have enhanced the user experience by creating a new Dashboard landing page with a clear view of courses for enrolled users; more intuitive navigation features; unique college courses to hold information unique to each institution; ICAT authentication code and link to ICAT; National Student Clearinghouse Reports; and ICAT reports. Network colleges will also find new course organization with content arranged into subject matter courses that guide the user through the ATD Network experience.

Users will also find the following:

  • ATD Community for all network participants (Content that is beneficial to everyone in the network, colleges, coaches, staff)
  • ATD 101 Capacity Framework for all network participants (content and guidance on the seven capacities)
  • ATD 102 ICAT for all network participants (Information about what ICAT is and a guided path through implementation)
  • Prior learning Assessment – Professional Development for all Network participants
  • Institutional Research Center for all Network participants
  • ATD 900 Coaches for all coaches (Everything a coach needs to be an ATD coach)
  • Introduction to Pathways for all identified participants (file collection of work from various community colleges focused on enhancing prior learning assessments)

Look for an email message from the ATD Network Team providing directions for new credentials to access the portal.

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