Build a Culture of Teaching and Learning Excellence for Greater Student Success at your Institution. Register Today for ATD Teaching & Learning Summit

Teaching and learning are the core functions of our institutions, but research reveals that most colleges’ collective reform efforts have taken place outside of the classroom. We recognize a growing need to develop a culture of teaching and learning.

Based on Achieving the Dream’s 15 years of experience working with community colleges on student-centered and equity-based systems design, we can support colleges in their endeavor to develop this culture of excellence by engaging faculty in leadership and professional learning roles at ATD’s Teaching & Learning Summit, May 30  to June 1, in Minneapolis, MN.

Attendees at the ATD Teaching & Learning Summit will learn how colleges can create a culture of teaching and learning excellence for student success. The Summit is designed to support institutional teams in examining classroom-based practices and designing an action-based strategy for implementing instructional models that support students to succeed and achieve their academic and professional goals.

This event is designed for institutional teams to focus their work in three key areas and engage in highly interactive sessions along with team planning time:

  • Open Educational Resources: Beyond Cost (Deepening your college’s understanding of equity and equity-based teaching and learning)
  • Guided Pathways: Ensuring Students Are Learning (Creating a culture that strives for continuous improvement and excellence in teaching and learning)
  • Culturally Responsive Practices (Creating a culture that strives for continuous improvement and excellence in teaching and learning)

Each of these three key areas will be highlighted in separate workshops during the Summit that are designed for Academic Affairs leaders, Faculty members from all disciplines, Faculty developers, Staff coordinators, and administrators.

Learn more about the Summit and register today!

Learn how our experienced team can work with your college to build a vibrant culture of teaching and learning excellence on your campus by engaging in ATD’s Teaching and Learning Service here.




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