Holistic Student Supports Institute Preview

What does the ideal support experience look like for today’s students? 

For the third year, ATD is inviting colleagues from two-year and four-year colleges and universities who are tackling the challenge of creating an ideal student experience to participate in a hands-on working institute. The ATD Holistic Student Supports Institute is designed for institutions that are in various stages of their student support work. Whether your college is just beginning conversations on how to more holistically support your students or is deep into the implementation of addressing all student needs, this institute is your opportunity to harness the expertise of Achieving the Dream’s diverse network of colleges and national experts working to design, implement, and assess a “whole college” approach to improving student outcomes. 

We are offering two distinct experiences at the institute to best serve colleges in different places in their student support redesign, Holistic Student Supports Exploration Experience and Holistic Student Supports Design Experience

HSS Exploration Experience

Further your understanding of the systemic components of a holistic approach to supporting students and learn best practices for planning and implementing your own student supports redesign. In addition to engaging presentations and workshops, this track offers structured peer learning opportunities, team working time, and the flexibility to work at your own pace with guidance available when needed.

This experience is for those who:

  • Are looking for fresh ideas to enhance the way you support your students.
  • Have been implementing student support reforms for years and are looking to their peers and national experts for the next phase of their redesign.
  • Are attending as the sole representative from their institution.
  • Do not work at a college but want to engage in a valuable learning experience on supporting student success.
“The collaboration within our team, who are from different divisions on campus, to achieve bigger goals for the campus at large. The creation of an atmosphere that temporarily erased hierarchy and allowed good ideas to come from wherever they would come. The exposure and validation from other institutions and their practices that are correlated with their successes.”

HSS Design Experience *Sold Out*

Dive into an intensive, facilitated planning period focused on a specific redesign or problem you would like to tackle. In addition to engaging presentations and workshops, this track provides you with plenty of team working time along with the structure, guidance, and resources needed for you to leave with a strong plan for implementing the solution(s) you identify.

This experience is for those who:

  • Are looking for in-depth support in tackling a specific problem or redesign? 
  • Want to learn a valuable process for solving complex problems with equity at the center of your solutions (our student-centered design process). 
  • Want input and advice from an expert coach before and after the institute.
  • Are working to design a student support approach that centers equity for your students. 
  • Are willing to commit to send a team of at least 5 individuals, including one senior decision-maker, and complete the pre-work required to maximize your time with us.


More than 90 percent of participants at 2018 Institute reported that they left with action-oriented ideas for how to execute their student support redesign on campus.

"The working sessions with our facilitators was the perfect time to reflect and begin to include ideas that we were exposed to from the other sessions. Our facilitators were excellent and kept us on task and weren't afraid to challenge us. We are now in the middle of implementing ideas discussed in these sessions to our entire campus."


This may include:

  • Senior and mid-level leaders in academic and student affairs, finance and administrative 
  • Faculty
  • Student support staff, including advisors/counselors, coaches, mentors, financial aid staff, librarians
  • Diversity officers
  • Institutional research and technology professionals
  • Student life staff

Teams of four or more registered at the same time will receive a 10 percent discount. Open to all four-year and two-year colleges and universities. 

The Institute sold out early in 2017 and 2018, so register today to ensure your spot at this intensive Institute where you and your college team will gather ideas, develop a plan, and be ready to move to action when you return to campus!

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