ATD in the Field

The Achieving the Dream team is in the field this week on campus site visits and participating in summits, conferences, workshops, and meetings across the country. Keep up with us on Twitter @achievethedream.


STrong Start To Finish convening

Dr. Ryan Kelsey, chief strategy and innovation officer, and Francesca Carpenter, director of equity initiatives, will attend the Strong Start to Finish Convening in Florida. 

Presidential Symposia

Carol Lincoln, senior vice president, and Susan Mayer, chief learning officer, will facilitate two Presidential Symposia in North Carolina. 

Project Hope Focus Group

Meredith Archer Hatch, senior associate director for workforce and academic alignment, will participate in a focus group with Project Hope. 

Network Visits

Jennifer Hill-Kelley, holistic student supports coach, Dr. Bobbie Frye, strategic data and technology coach, and Shara Davis, strategic data and technology coach, will be in the field on coaching visits throughout the week. 

Dr. Laurie Fladd, director of holistic student supports, will be in Missouri supporting our Holistic Student Supports work. 


Equity in Design for HSS: What We're Learning Webinar 

March 6 1:00 p.m. EST

The complexity and scope of the challenges today’s students face explain why community colleges across the country are reexamining the student experience and the support services they provide. The first of four March 2020 webinars details a brief that challenges colleges to do three things in their implementation of student supports redesign: move beyond the initiative mindset, know your students, and practice facilitative leadership.

Equity in Design for HSS: A Gateway to College for High School Students Webinar

March 13 1:00 p.m. EST

Every adolescent faces challenges as they navigate their teenage years, but for some these challenges imperil their ability to complete their education. This webinar details the second of ATD's HSS briefs, examining Gateway to College, a dual enrollment program on community college campuses for students who have not completed high school. Gateway’s approach to introducing high school students to the college experience is designed to increase their sense of belonging, which supports their identity as college students.

Equity in Design for HSS: Increasing Success for Student Mothers at Community Colleges

March 20 1:00 p.m. EST

Student mothers often straddle multiple demographic populations important to community colleges—women, parents, students of color, and those facing significant financial challenges. While student mothers face significant challenges, they often are resilient, persistent, and determined to make better lives for themselves and their children. This webinar details how single mothers— who are at much higher risk of not completing—can attain their goals.

Equity in Design for HSS: Supporting the Success of Students Enrolled Part-Time

March 27 1:00 p.m. EST

Nationally, 65 percent of two-year community college students attend on a part-time basis. Even though they represent the majority of students on community college campuses, part-time students experience lower success rates on every key metric of progress and completion. This webinar examines the fourth of ATD's HSS briefs, which illuminates a need for a deeper understanding of the complexity of students’ lives and how college policies and practices impact the ability of this population to progress and complete their goals.

ATD Teaching and Learning Summit: April 22-25, 2020

Participants at the ATD Teaching and Learning Summit will learn how colleges can create a culture of teaching and learning excellence for student success. The Summit is uniquely designed to support institutional teams in examining classroom-based practices. Learn more here!

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