Dr. Karen A. Stout Discusses Tackling the Nation's Transfer Rates in National Podcast

Last fall, Trimeka Benjamin visited Achieving the Dream’s east coast offices to record a podcast for her new series Deep Dives with Trimeka Benjamin: Expert Insights in Higher Education. She talked with ATD president and CEO Dr. Karen A. Stout about how community colleges across the U.S. can increase student transfer rates.

In the episode Community College to University: Tackling the Nation’s Transfer Rates, Dr. Stout, discusses how community colleges increase statistics through organizational processes, relationships with partner universities, and tackling student barriers head on. In the podcast, she provides actionable solutions on how to get more students ready to transfer, and prepare them to complete and successfully earn a bachelor’s degree.

Listen now: https://www.deepdivestb.com/episode/community-college-to-university/

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