How a College uses ATD’s COVID-19 Reflection Tools to Engage Internal and External Stakeholders

When ATD developed the COVID-19 Reflection Tools, our hope was that colleges would engage in a thoughtful process to capture the changes made in practices and processes at all levels of the institution as a result of the pandemic. As the shift to virtual instruction and student supports occurred, we developed these tools to help colleges identify changes being made, document and share the changes, assess impact, and prioritize impactful practices to be leveraged going forward or any practices colleges might want to “leave behind.” Intentional reflection, dialog and action-oriented results were paramount to ATD design principles.

Walters State Community College (WSCC), an ATD network college in TN, took advantage of the COVID Reflection tool in a big way.

First, they administered and secured nearly 400 Reflection survey responses from internal and external stakeholders. The survey assessed level of difficulty experienced by stakeholders in a variety of areas such as:

  • overall transition to a remote environment
  • transition to remote teaching and learning
  • maintaining student supports
  • distribution of emergency aid, summer and fall enrollment strategies
  • overall communications

The college then convened a series of six virtual focus group discussions with full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, professional staff, support staff, administrators, and high school counselors which were facilitated by the college’s ATD coaches. The focus groups helped administrators understand underlying needs, motivations for change, and why the survey results revealed what they did.

President of WSCC, Dr. Tony Miksa said, “We knew that communication and building a sense of community were important, but the survey and focus-group data gave us new insight and perspective. We will be using this information as a guide when communicating with our campus community.”

Colleges interested in accessing ATD’s suite of COVID Reflection tools can access them here or can request additional information from their ATD coaches.

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