$100,000 Grant Awarded To Yakima Valley Community College

Yakima Valley Community College just landed a $100,000 grant. It’s only one of fifteen community colleges nationwide. Find out how the school plans to use the money to better help its students achieve their goals.

YVCC is the only school on the west coast to receive the $100,000 Press for Completion grant for meeting high standards of performance and for being an active participant in The Achieving the Dream National Reform Network.

The Yakima Valley Community College says being a part of the achieving the dream movement is all about engaging faculty and promoting student success. They say it’s given them the opportunity to grow academic planning services like advising and counseling for students.

YVCC Vice President of Instruction and Student Services, Tomas Ybarra said, “We’ve had great success engaging our faculty, but it’s not enough and that’s what we’re using this grant for. And the vehicle we selected within this grant is to charge a group of faculty to help completely redesign our advising system at the college.”

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