MDC is a nonprofit organization based in Chapel Hill, N.C., that has been publishing research and developing programs focused on expanding opportunity, reducing poverty, and addressing structural inequity for more than 40 years. Its focus is on: defining gaps and mobilizing leaders to create a will for change; demonstrating sustainable solutions and developing them into effective models; and then incubating them so they can be replicated at scale for maximum impact. MDC was the managing partner of Achieving the Dream during the demonstration phase and was chosen by the Lumina Foundation to incubate Achieving the Dream's emergence as an independent organization. As the (former) managing partner, MDC: led the process of developing a shared vision for the initiative; coordinated the efforts of partner organizations while creating a community of learning among them; hired, trained, and managed data facilitators; piloted with Public Agenda strategies for building community support; planned institutes and networking events in collaboration with other partners; led efforts to connect Achieving the Dream with other community college initiatives; helped Lumina attract new funders; oversaw an initiative-wide communications strategy; and helped colleges and states develop strategies to address structural inequities that give advantage to some groups over others. MDC is currently providing consultation, program services, and administrative support to Achieving the Dream as it finalizes the transition from a demonstration initiative into a sustainable nonprofit, and program management on Achieving the Dream's Financial Capability project sponsored by the Bank of America Charitable Foundation.

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