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Ad Astra Information Systems LLC is dedicated to providing solutions in scheduling and allocation of faculty and academic space for the higher education marketplace. Since 1996, more than 800 college and university campuses have leveraged Ad Astra software products and services.

We are committed to helping students move from access to completion. A focal point is to improve conflict-free course access at registration. Course access can complete the loop along with retention strategies (like engagement and early intervention) and progression strategies (like advising and student planning) to facilitate truly clear pathways to completion.

Our research in this area has taught us:

  1. Registration conflicts restrict completions. The top two challenges listed by students in the annual Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Survey relate to their inability to get the courses they need, when they’re available to take them, at registration. Student-friendly schedules can lead to a 10-20% increase in productive credits taken per student per term, shortening time to completion and reducing student costs.
  2. Colleges need better data to effectively manage their course offerings. Only 36% of the courses offered at a typical 2-yr. Public College are aligned with student demand, while 49% are under-filled and 15% are overloaded. Actionable data can quickly improve alignment of constrained faculty resources to student need.
  3. Academic resources must be a focus in affordability and sustainability discussions. Faculty and academic space account for 60% of the core operating costs at a typical 2-yr. Public College. On average, 20% of the course offerings in a schedule are not needed by students. In addition to unneeded expense, this misallocation limit instructional capacity to meet student course needs referenced in point 2.

Ad Astra Information Systems is pleased to offer Achieving the Dream Network Colleges a 20% discount on all scheduling products and services. These solutions enable students to get seats in required courses and accelerate their path to completion. Aligning existing resources – faculty, classrooms, and course offerings – to students’ needs not only improves student outcomes, it also increases tuition revenue and creates campus efficiencies.

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