Open Educational Resources Planning Workshop & Strategy Session

Implementing open educational resources (OER), whether by converting multiple sections of high-enrollment courses to OER or creating full OER degree pathways, is an effective and sustainable approach for achieving better outcomes for college students. When the barrier of high textbook costs is removed through the systematic adoption of open and free course materials, colleges often see increased demand for OER courses, improved outcomes for students enrolled in these courses, and deeper faculty engagement as they update curriculum and pedagogy.  Offering OER holds the promise of higher completion rates and a stronger bottom line for the institution.


Achieving the Dream is launching a new service, called Open Educational Resources Case-Making & Strategy Session.  The goal of this day-long session is to:

  • Help your institutional stakeholders develop a shared understanding of the transformative potential of institutional OER implementation;
  • Recognize the critical role of faculty as leaders in these efforts; and,
  • Connect OER implementation to a shared institutional vision.

Your two-part workshop will include:

  • A half-day session to engage a broad group of stakeholders, particularly faculty, in learning about OER and the components of successful OER implementation.
  • A half-day core leadership team strategy session.


The OER Case Making & Strategy Session distills what ATD has learned during its implementation of the OER Degree Initiative, the largest OER initiative to date in community colleges.  It is recommended for any individual college or state system in the early stages of a systematic, institution-wide roll-out of OER courses. 


To schedule an OER Case-Making & Strategy Session for your college, contact Dr. Richard Sebastian, director OER degree initiative at

Our Open Educational Resources Case-Making & Strategy Session is available to ATD Network colleges that have completed their 3-year capacity-building experience. 

Not a Network college? Join us! We're building our 2019 Cohort now and invite you to become part of our growing national network of colleges that are committed to improving student success for their students. Contact Bonita Brown, Vice President of Network Engagement at

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